Another Project Update

Things keep happening causing me to be more and more disappointed with this project but I got most of the supplies I needed to finish up with it. I was soooooo hyped about the cobbled together idea and the finished one I made using the wrong  supplies. I DO know in the future I’m not going to post about something until I have, or almost have, something closer to a final draft or finished project that I can/am willing to photograph.

I’m finishing up and trying to beat back the waves of Murphy’s Law washing over me every time I touch a piece of this seemingly cursed project. So many things just aren’t working lol.

I was asked twice today why I’m still working on it by two different people. Both times I answered.

“Because I promised I’d post it in my blog.”

I’m sure no one really cares that much if I post or not but it’s going to get done. I’m not going to let it beat me down lol! Then I can focus on the other projects I need to finish up. I really do hope the pictures at least come out O.K……. Hopefully I’ll get some decent light in the next couple days. We had a mini blizzard today that should melt away in the next few days.

Longer Delay on Project Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

My project got delayed. I’m a master of the obvious I know lol. One family member went into the hospital, another family member went out of state, one of my nephews had cops “visiting” him, and I’m still shaking off the last part of a pretty minor but draining, cold…

Needless to say I still haven’t gotten to the craft store to pick up the few things I need to finish the project I was all gung-ho excited about. I say was, because all the events I mentioned ruined any craft excitement I had. I’m not sure when I can get to Joann Fabrics, or Meijer, or somewhere that might have the things I need but I WILL post when I can. It shouldn’t be too much longer, but I don’t want to curse myself like I did with my last post. I was hoping to have everything done and photographed a day or so after my last post but life just isn’t cooperating. Bleh.

To those of you who are celebrating Valentines Day this year: Happy Valentines Day!

Small Update and Heads Up



In my last post I shared some information on Russian knitting. I wanted to point out it may be even more important than I touched on to research combination knitting  for anyone else out there wanting to knit Russian style.

I found a little pattern written for ‘normal’ knitting (English / Continental) and have been practicing with it because it has stitches I often used, as well as one stitch I’d never done before. Since you need to rethink what the designer is going for this turned out to be more frustrating than I expected! I consider myself an advanced beginner in “normal” knitting, I can’t say the little needle in the dial hits Advanced yet for me in Russian knitting, but I’m working on it.


To make a long story short I hollered for help and was answered by some nice combined knitters with a very helpful link I can share.

Click to access table.pdf

Above is one of them. A table from which is a handy sheet that is a super when you’re working on a pattern that assumes you are working stitches the way an English or Continental pattern is written. Take a peek, print it out, and praise her for taking the time to make the table! :)

Today I was messing around with the pattern and modified it just a little bit and just needed to let you all know to be a little patient for my next post. I promise… well I can’t PROMISE… individual tastes and all…. but be prepared for cuteness anyway. I can barely contain myself.

Hold onto your!


Keyboards? Phone cases? Tablet.. bodies?

I just can’t wait to share! I haven’t taken pictures of anything I’ve made in a long while!

Be well until next time! (soon!)