Hello, and welcome to my little cluttered workspace on the Internet!

Well, here goes. My first blog post. I jumped the gun a bit and posted this before I even finished setting up my site, so consider this my ‘under construction/hello world’ post.

If you came here expecting books or movies about vampires and werewolves I’m afraid you will be disappointed. (Sorry!) I haven’t gotten a chance to read the Twilight Saga books and the closest I got to the movies were a plastic cup and a french fry container at a fast food joint.

The name Twilight Storm evolved from my love of thunderstorms, and my favorite time of day, twilight. There are apparently three types of twilight by the way. I love them all, but the period(s) of time in the morning are probably my absolute favorite.

Nothing beats being awake early in the morning and walking outside before the sun comes up here in the Midwest.

In the spring and summer, you hear that first songbird call out from a tree. You can take a deep breath and smell the fresh ‘green’ smell of the dew covered vegetation, and the woodsy leaf loam. Then there’s the sky! The beautiful colors the sky turns at that magical time of day. The darkness of the star speckled night slowly fades to a vibrant purple, then to a beautiful turquoise and aqua, then finally the warmer colors of yellow to the pinks and oranges of the impending rising sun.

Nice warm mornings like that make my day. If I can swing some free time I add a cup of coffee and maybe a light breakfast. On REALLY good days, throw in a project bag of knitting or crochet that I can work on outside under the mosquito netted enclosure, or maybe a good book to read out there. Yep, mornings like that round out the perfect start of the day for me.

I managed to have one of those mornings this morning, but today a bit of that got spoiled. We finally got a nice stretch of great weather here and my neighbors tree is in full bloom. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but the white clusters of flowers are lovely and the smell of them is beyond disgusting. When the wind changes direction to blow just right, my little haven gets bombarded with the scent of those flowers. The ‘lovely’ scent reminds me of freshly deposited sick-doggie doo mixed with sweaty gym socks. Kinda makes me want to yarf up my coffee. I am out here finishing up my second needle felted project. A gift for my mom on mothers day. Anyway, more on that later!



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