My First Steps- Knit Fabric and The Wrap Dress Intro

The first thing I picked up after the new sewing machine was a winter 2013 edition of a magazine called Teach Yourself To Sew by the editors of Threads.  It went over a lot of basic stuff and got me motivated to try sewing garments. Plus it had a CD. I never got a magazine with a CD in it before lol.

The first pattern I figured I would try to sew is the Kwik Sew K3489 wrap dress pattern. I traced out the wrong size pattern for the view B like the model has on (against my better judgement BTW.) This happened because I decided to listen to someone who didn’t believe my measurements were taken correctly! After making a muslin of the smaller size dress (out of woven muslin cut on the bias to simulate stretch as much as possible) I learned a lot. I did give up on turning the waist tie straps. Muslin doesn’t stretch. I cut the straps the way they wanted the straps laid out on the grain of the fabric and I couldn’t do anything with this mock-up so I didn’t bother turning them right-side out. I did enjoy putting in the sleeves of view B though in the woven cotton muslin. They came out beautifully. If all sleeves are similar in garments I think I may have found my new therapy for a bad day. Setting sleeves.

I have the larger size traced and ready to go now. When I tried on the muslin it took me a while to figure out HOW to work the wrap dress waist straps lol. It was pretty funny standing there doing all kinds of gymnastics trying to reach the side seam holes in the dress to feed a strap through considering the side seams were pretty far towards the middle of my back. The style doesn’t look bad on me. I’m pretty sure the correct size will look pretty good if I don’t mess up the sewing of the dress.

I also found an awesome wrap dress pattern on Craftsy similar to this one called simply Wrap dress from So Sew Easy

The author has a really nice custom thank-you-for-downloading-their-pattern message. Her other patterns are pretty nice looking as well.

I’m making the Kwik Sew K3489 in a green/teal colored (Jersey? Interlock?) knit. It stretches more than what the pattern was after, but I stupidly wanted thinner fabric for the summer. It will be a learning experience as to how messed up this will cause my dress to be. I hope it will still be able to be worn! I think if I hadn’t already gotten the fabric I probably would have chosen black, in a stretch that fit the back of the envelope exactly. Fabric weight be darned! Since this will be the first time I’m going to work with knit fabric I think I probably made the right choice with the green color however. At least I’ll be able to see what’s going on, on a lighter color as I sew, but black would have been so nice…..

More on the wrap dress progress later.  :) I think if I can swing it I shall take over the kitchen table and carefully lay out my washed knit and cut the pattern tomorrow morning. I found this helpful site to do just that.

Her topic is Cutting Knit Fabric: Making Sure Your Project is Perfectly On-Grain in that link above. She has a popular blog I subscribed to. She’s written about a lot of things Google directed me to after I asked the search engine questions. Her way seems like a good enough way to do it. The monstrous super stretchy mess  of washed green fabric will take me forever to lay out though. Wish me luck!


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