DIYmeesha- You Inspired me, Rest In Peace

When I picked up sewing I wanted to make an apron and found a really pretty one on a YouTube video made by DIYmeesha.

I cut out white muslin per her instructions and folded it up and put off completing it. I had a lot going on. I got a couple yards of neat retro looking fabric to make another one out of as well, but I wanted to do it in muslin first since this was the first clothing sewing project I was attempting.

I visited her channel today and saw a comment that she had been killed. I didn’t believe it and thought the person was being a mean troll because I saw she had posted a video 4 days ago and watched it. I read through the comments and it’s indeed true, someone else linked a sad news video about her tragic death from the Sacramento news.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. I’m so sorry this tragedy had to happen to such a good person, and the circumstances around it made me think about a similar situation with myself. I am glad that the YouTube videos are there to remind everyone of what a good person she was, and she will keep helping people sew which is something she truly loved.

When I finish and wear my apron I’ll think of you and your family. Rest in Peace DIYmeesha.


One thought on “DIYmeesha- You Inspired me, Rest In Peace

  1. […] I woke up, pulled out the Singer Fashion Mate, and sewed up the white muslin skirt from the DIY How To Make A Vintage Style Apron Easy video DIYmeesha put up on YouTube. I had the skirt all cut out and it was ready to start sewing […]


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