My thoughts on Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way

I got a new book from Amazon on May 9th,  Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way (with included patterns).

This looks like a great book. I chose to order it because it had 14, 5 star reviews and 1, 4 star review when I bought it. It gives you master patterns and shows you how to modify the different master patterns to make a variety of clothing. The pictures of finished garments in the book tell you what pattern pieces were used, and what fabric the model is wearing in each photo. An example: There is a picture where a model is wearing a long jacket. The picture tells you the blouse pattern was used, but lengthened a certain amount.

I don’t know about most clothing sewing beginners out there, but clothing always was, and still to a point is, mysterious to me. Reading the book I had a lot of “Oh!” moments from seeing how the simple patterns were changed to make a certain garment. Suddenly some of this started to make a lot more sense. My biggest issue, which isn’t really an issue, is that none of the patterns have darts in them, so all the patterns are really strait fitting garments. Once I learn most of these construction techniques as-is I can learn more about how and where to add darts to change these patterns even more, and bring them to the next level.

The link  for Easy Sewing The Kwik Sew Way on Amazon lets you peek inside, so you can look through the table of contents and get an idea of the topics covered in the book. In my mind, I was expecting the pattern pieces to come attached in the book somehow. The patterns come in a plain white unmarked pattern envelope. This envelope is tucked into the soft cover book, and the entire book has plastic shrink-wrap on it so it all stays together.

The Kwik Sew patterns that come with it are marked small through extra-large with measurements given for each size so you can pick the correct one. They are printed on white pattern tissue. NOT PAPER! Reviewers say older books seem to have their patterns printed on a thicker paper. The one I bought is not. It’s pattern tissue, the same kind Kwik Sew prints their regular patterns on these days. This isn’t really a problem for me, I trace all my patterns onto Easy Pattern 803 which I like better than paper or tissue. I feel tracing my patterns preserves sewing history because years down the road the new patterns people buy today will be considered vintage patterns. More than likely some will be unique to the year it was drawn up, and someone out there might just be looking specifically for the exact pattern I took the extra time to preserve in good condition.

I will post more about this book when I start sewing some of the patterns from it and share further thoughts on them as I go.



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