Pain Getting Better- Plus Olympus VR-370 Camera On The Way

My mystery pain may be from a bite? I hope it is anyway. I have what looks and feels to be a bite area on my left shoulder blade. It scabbed over (I know, gross!) and the swelling is going down some today. I’m still in a lot of pain, but it’s more tolerable today at least.  I’m going to continue keeping an eye on it, but I decided to see how it goes day by day. If things stop getting better every day I will go to the doctors.

On a happy note:

I bought my first digital camera last night finally!! It should arrive by the 29th. The Olympus VR-370!

I can’t wait for it to get here. I found it on sale for a total price of $79 online for the camera without the flash memory card. The older model Olympus VR-340 had great reviews from PC Magazine and it looks like they improved the 340 just a little bit in the 370.  The VR-370 looks to be a model from 2013. (The Amazon reviews start in 2013 for it.) I don’t know really anything about digital cameras but this camera has stats almost as good as the camera I borrow from a friend when I can. He has a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. I use almost loosely. I fully realize that the Lumix is a whole different class of camera. But the little 370 was $79 new vs. his at close to $400 new.

After I ordered the Olympus VR-370 I went looking for Flash Memory cards for it. It can take SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. The camera can only take up to 2 MB of 720p video. An article on Amazon I read said I would be ok using a class 4 SDHC card. I found a nice looking class 10 SDHC card for less then $20 at a local store that I’m going to buy. The camera won’t be able to utilize the cards full ability, but the price is the same as the class 4 cards. I’m all for more power for the same price.

This little guy got my attention because the manufacturer says it’s magnet proof, temperature proof, shock proof, and water proof. When I was researching SDHC memory and reading reviews a lot of people kept saying that they lost their pictures somehow on a card and were replacing it with whatever card I was reading about at the time. Not one person said what card failed them, or how, but this one seemed like a good choice for the money. 16 GB should be a LOT more memory then I will need, but I’d rather have more then I need, then not have enough, especially if I take a few videos and they hang around at 2GB each!

Any way I look at it I will finally have a camera soon!



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