Worked On The Apron This Morning

Well, I had a relaxing morning. I woke up, pulled out the Singer Fashion Mate, and sewed up the white muslin skirt from the DIY How To Make A Vintage Style Apron Easy video DIYmeesha put up on YouTube. I had the skirt all cut out and it was ready to start sewing already. When I make the waist band I will do it like she did in the video, but I want to sandwich the apron in the fold rather then just sew the skirt onto the back of the band. It will hide a little bit of the mess I made.  Speaking of a mess… I did get to play with my new narrow rolled hem foot. I must say I need to practice a lot more with it lol!!!

The 3 tier skirt panels sewn together with rolled hem on bottom seams and zig-zag on edge seams ready to put on a waist band.

I watched a YouTube video on how to use the rolled hem foot a while ago. It seemed like something that wouldn’t be hard to master… HA!…. It takes some practice to feed the fabric evenly into that little curl while making sure the fabric rides inside a channel that’s cut out of the bottom the foot. Doing this on a curve to top it all off… Gads… The hem rolled, but I was getting too much fabric back there and a messy unfinished edge is sticking out the top of most of the hem. (Front looks OK enough though!) I just fed the fabric into the curl and off I went. I will remember in the future to watch a video before using a new, mostly unfamiliar, foot. :)

Here’s a couple good YouTube videos to learn how to use a Rolled Hem:

Video by Niler Taylor

She made a nice video that isn’t all “Hello, I’m an instructional video!”  It’s also without the music and stuff on Singers videos.

Video by SingerSewingCompany

This video shows you can use the foot to do couching over yarn with this foot too. I need to see some work done using that technique to get inspired to try this. It looks like it would be fun!


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