New Sewing Machine Table?

Tomorrow I’m looking at, and hopefully buying, an amazing looking sewing table with a vintage sewing machine in it that I found somewhat locally! No more kitchen table sewing, which means I don’t have to keep clearing off the table at each mealtime, and in between making sure the pigs- oh, I mean teens don’t spill or leave food, goo, crumbs, or liquid all over the table while I’m sewing.

I’m probably overly excited, but the table, which appears well kept and flawless looking from the picture, really appeals to me. The machine in it, I can’t identify yet. I can’t tell from the picture for sure, and I don’t want to jinx myself guessing. But it looks like it’s in great shape, and ready to sew.

If it’s meant to be the new addition will be my third sewing machine. (Three times a charm right?) I MUST stop acquiring¬† sewing machines after one little pitiful Singer 66 on ebay. A Redeye that still has it’s bobbin and most of its paint, but is totally not in usable condition. If it’s meant to be that little guy will be DIY restored to working condition for fun. If I can get the grunge off it, but can’t get it working, I can use it as a decoration if all else fails. It’s $9.99 with extra shipping and handling and something about that particular Redeye just nags at me. I’m so far, the only one silly enough to bid on it. It’s really quite pitiful, and 66 machines aren’t really worth much in bad condition.

Anyway a horrible storm with a tornado warning just got here. Logging for now. Hopefully tomorrow will bring many pictures.


I’ve had some issues going on that haven’t really allowed me much time for posting. The dogs got pretty sick from a batch of bones from the butcher. I’ve been having to run dogs in and out every 15 minutes or so for the past 3 days. That, and having been cleaning and trying to organize a room to put the sewing machine up in permanently hasn’t left me much free time.

As soon as time allows I will finish up the dress and post pictures. Maybe of me even in it… I haven’t decided totally on that though lol. I’m not sure how it will actually turn out yet.¬† :)

Anyway I hope the dogs feel better soon.


Haven’t Posted In A Bit

Full Moon Pictures

So everyone was taking pictures of the full moon last night here, since it was a full moon on Friday the 13th, and the next one won’t happen again for some time. My camera says it’s the 12th today, my computer says it’s the 14th… Anyway I popped the camera on a borrowed tripod and played with the night mode.

Through the trees in the front of the house. The moon was low in the sky at this point.


I found if I focused on the trees the camera seemed to get the moon better. I’m not sure why I got the orange moon glare in the shots. The camera seems to take nice shots of clouds at night.


I didn’t edit these in any way, I just pulled them off the camera. I checked my settings for the date and time. The camera lost 27 hours since I first charged it and I’m not sure why. That’s effectively the first problem with it that I’ve noticed, which isn’t a huge deal, but it’s annoying. I would like to see how well some nighttime clouds come out when I am not trying to photograph a sun-bright moon lol. Photography