Embroidery, An eBook, And Some Worry.

Today has been busy and pretty random.

My sister’s boyfriend has to go get a truck cab that someone in his trucking company stole and hid to protest about their boss loosing a trucking account.

I am just sitting down now to work on learning some more embroidery stitches. I’m going to make a collage emblem patch for my nephew. (It’s better then knitting him an ugly sweater to go off to collage with lol)

Even though I am going to do mostly (If not all) tambour embroidery on it, I would like to know how to do other embroidery stitches. I found a blog by Sewing Empire here on WordPress who has a nice write up on white work embroidery. I was thinking of decorating the apron with some white work if I’m not too horrible at it. I’m also in love with the embroidery done on Indian clothing. (And wood block fabric printing) It’s slow going finding information about all that. Google doesn’t do too well with really general questions lol. It doesn’t help that I don’t speak the language so I don’t have instinctive search terms to try.

I found this free eBook tonight, and Sewing Empire also links to it. It’s a REALLY nice book and may help someone find something they would love to try to do.


Another thing that’s been on my mind is MachineGunMama’s Mind here on WordPress who blogged about her daughter being attacked by a German Shepherd while she was walking around the block in her neighborhood. (May 31st entry, I really suck at WordPress) I’m an owner of a German Shepherd myself who was labeled “No kids, No cats” when I adopted her from the kill shelter. I’m so glad her daughter is OK. I hope the old couple who owns the Shepherd can figure out some way to keep their dog from being a danger to others if they love their dog. Honestly after her and her daughters ordeal I’d go walking with a weapon (mace/pepper spray, or a heavy pipe) in the future if it were me. I used to live in a neighborhood where it was like an episode of Cops every night, which is why I adopted my Shepherd in the first place. I couldn’t go out at night, my car was vandalized, then later, stolen, and our house was broken into. I moved from there, and I can relate it really is a horrible feeling to not feel safe in your own neighborhood.



3 thoughts on “Embroidery, An eBook, And Some Worry.

  1. machinegunmama says:

    Awe! Thank you for thinking of us :) I talked to animal control today and I feel so much better about the whole deal. She told me that she has spent time w the dog and it is definitely not viscous. She wasn’t defending her, just telling the truth. She also let me know that the owner has been very upset and wanting to contact me, but that super great officer failed to pass on my contact info. I’ll be talking to the owner soon to work it all out:)


    • I’ve met those super-great officers myself. When my car was stolen I waited every day to hear from them. One day I finally got the call! (4 months later) The super-great officer told me “We found your car. It’s in impound in a different city, and it’s un-drivable.” I called impound and they told me I couldn’t even look at my car until I forked over $8,000 since it had been sitting there for 4 months… I went WTF? (Add a super-great amount of raging, screaming, and frustration crying in there too. lol) If I were you I’d still bring my trusty “walking pipe” though for future jaunts around the neighborhood despite what animal control says. It really sounds like they have a “no-kids” dog, but if you’re going to CO soon you won’t need to worry about the old man letting the dog loose pretty soon. BTW- in the middle of commenting on your blog about liking your dinosaur crochet, (I love his face, it’s cute!) Windows snuck in the stupid 8.1 update. Because I was typing it verified that I was ready to upgrade and downloaded the darn thing! GRRRR! At that point I couldn’t figure out how to reverse the upgrade… It’s been one of those days lol.


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