Going Crazy Trying To Transfer Logo To Fabric

The sports logo above in a bigger size is the one I chose to embroider for my nephew.

The seal.

The seal was tempting but I wouldn’t be able to finish it before he left, and I think personally I would be taking on way more then I can chew being a novice embroiderer.

This is the normal logo.

I was going to do just the O logo, but the sports logo won out. He’s not going in for sports but it’s more interesting then just the O…. I made sure it was ok with him too, and he said the sports logo was cool.

Transferring the [censored] picture is DRIVING ME UP THE FREAKING WALL!

I can’t figure out a good way to transfer the logo to fabric. I’ve been trying to trace it onto the fabric with pencil and I can’t get the lines strait enough free hand. I’ve trashed a half yard of fabric already.  I’m getting desperate, there’s got to be a good way to get this design on fabric.


2 thoughts on “Going Crazy Trying To Transfer Logo To Fabric

  1. I remember seeing the name Sulky when I was at Joann Fabrics looking for interfacing, but I wasn’t familiar with the product. I looked up the packaging and it even introduced me to a new sewing technique. I will give it a shot thank you!


  2. Have you heard of Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy? You can print on it, then stick it to your fabric, stitch through it, and it’s water soluble, so when you finish, you just soak the fabric in water to get rid of it. It’s a dream! You can find it at most craft stores. Good luck! :)


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