Bright-Shiny-Object-Syndrome= An Improvement In Hand Sewing

I’ve had a horrible headache today. Bleh.

Looking up the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy stuff that existitchialism suggested I downloaded a pdf. of the packaging. Part of it said: “It’s like magic for turned Appliques: Stitch it, turn it, and stick it.”

I said: “Hmmm.. What’s a turned applique?”

I found out it’s a way of stitching down an applique by basically turning under a seam allowance and making the stitches nearly invisible.

The video below by Becky Goldsmith is really in depth. I highly recommend sticking with the video, especially if someone reading this is new to applique, and feel they are a so-so hand sewer. (like me)

I guess the best way to describe it is Becky Goldsmith’s video is more like taking a short class. She has a few more sewing videos I’m definitely going to watch when I have time. She pointed out a mistake in hand sewing that I’m guilty of doing, that a lot of people she’s taught do too. (Yep, I had a big “OH!” moment when I was watching.)

Got to love Bright-Shiny-Object-Syndrome. I wasn’t planning on appliqueing anything anytime soon really, but it’s really cool that her video helped my hand sewing.

If I’m less miserable later on today, I’m heading over to Joann Fabrics to get a package or maybe a roll of the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy and hopefully really get rolling on his Ohio State patch. Pretty much everything I read about people using the stuff agrees it’s amazing stuff. With luck (doubtful) maybe I’ll be able to sew today too.




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