Dress Form Re-Order Approaching Maybe?

I am a geek and set my home page to the page the dress form I want to order is on so I can keep an eye on the size I want becoming available. I noticed the size I wanted to buy was, at first, the only one that was not available. The past couple weeks I noticed that more and more sizes are disappearing from the drop down menu. Could it be that now that they are getting lower on their stock that they will be able to restock soon? I really hope so. I assumed that The Shop Company needed a minimum order from their supplier once they couldn’t give me a date they might come in. It could be that they don’t need a minimum order, but the shipping for a small order is some crazy-stupid amount of money too. I’ll never know for sure, but seeing sizes slowly dwindle to unavailable makes me happy knowing it’s one more step closer to getting my size soon.


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