Finally Making The Cut On Kwik Sew K3489

I decided against cutting the pattern in a single layer on my nightmare knit. I had purchased extra fabric so wasting some was an option, and there isn’t any information I could find about changing a fabric layout from a folded one into a single layer. I don’t know, maybe it’s a no-brainer? I think I would need to reverse the pattern pieces and cut one each way?

NO ONE has a blog, webpage, video, or tutorial about changing pattern layouts to a single sheet of fabric that I could find! I did find one or two people say they cut knits flat though without folding the fabric, no one explains it however! I didn’t want to take a chance of making a mistake cutting the pattern wrong since each folded piece of fabric takes roughly a half hour to an hour to get flat on the table.

Splitting up the layout for view B let me place 4 pattern pieces on the first folded piece. That left me with 4 pattern pieces.

The first set of pattern pieces

The picture above shows my pin mole, Molebert. I made a mole for mole day with my nephew. He wasn’t thrilled when he had to make one for class but I thought it was a cute idea and hand stitched some felt with him. Molebert hung around with no real purpose for a couple years until I started sewing. He makes a great pincushion, but because he’s made from craft felt I don’t think he’ll last a long time. He’s already becoming pretty fuzzy from me picking at him for pins.

Cutting the last two that were not on a fold

The best thing about the Easy Pattern and this knit is that the Pellon sticks to the knit really well. I don’t need pins or weights as long as I’m cutting with the wheel.

The 4 pieces cut out.

The picture above shows a little bit of what I’m dealing with. The fabric is so thin. If I wouldn’t have gotten enough fabric to waste so much in the layout I NEVER would have gotten this far with it. I keep getting tempted to throw the fabric out lol. That says something, considering I save even teeny tiny bits of scraps anyone sane would toss in the trash. I should have about a yard of uncut fabric left after the last layout. I’m throwing that in the scrap bag though. I don’t see myself ever sewing with a knit like this again. You can kind of see on the skirt piece (left) where I sewed a running stitch down the middle of a microscopic line of rib to attempt to find the grain of the fabric before I started cutting. That took me hours and hours to do a while back.

The second set of two pieces. The piece farthest from camera was to be laid out upside down per pattern instructions on the layout.

Above is another picture you can see the double layer of fabric is so thin you can clearly see where the boards are, and where they end. Pinning and sewing the sleeves into the actual (muslin fabric) muslin was my absolutely favorite part of sewing this dress before. I hope it isn’t too bad with this stuff. The sleeves came out so pretty in the cotton. I made this dress in woven muslin to practice sewing techniques I’d never done. Plus I humored someone, and made the muslin dress in a size I knew wouldn’t fit me. It was very kind of her to insist I wasn’t as fat as I actually am lol. The side seams in the smaller size didn’t come close to reaching my sides. They ended up to be more like odd princess seams set in the back for my shoulder blades or something lol.

The two bust pieces. I used thread to mark the dart, and the two spots that turn into holes for the belt on the final dress.

I still have to cut out the two side skirt pieces which are huge. They’re bigger then my cutting mat which will make things interesting. I might have to bring out a lot more food cutting boards to protect the table. when I cut the last two pieces. I can’t move the fabric around while I’m in the middle of cutting a piece because it’s way too floppy and thin. I had to make dinner earlier so fabric cutting had to wait. I may cut the last two pieces of knit tonight. Prepping the fabric for cutting these last two huge pieces is going to be frustrating.

This is one of my chihuahuas. It was a cute picture I forgot was on the camera. Today would have been a good day to spend snuggled up in blankets like he was in the picture. It was cold and rainy and just plain yucky out today.

Overall I’m proud of myself for seeing this project through so far. I must keep telling myself if I can make the dress in this horrible fabric, making it in a thicker less stretchy knit will be a dream.


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