Ready To Sew! Well, After I Overcome Some Obstacles

I got the fusible interfacing cut out and fused to the three pieces that called for it. As well as the two extra strips they wanted cut and fused on the shoulders to keep them from stretching out. The dress is ready to put together!

I popped in a ball point needle and the walking foot, grabbed a scrap of fabric and set the machine to the overlock stitch the machine has on it since it’s the preferred stitch in the instructions. I grabbed the back threads, set the scrap under the foot about a half inch past the edge and let her rip!

That didn’t go so well.

After about 3 stitches I noticed the fabric was no longer moving and the machine would no longer sew. Crap.

Well try and try again, it was the first attempt so not the end of the world right? I spent about 15 minutes trying to pull the fabric out of the feed dogs carefully before giving it a good yank and it came out chewed up…. Crap.

Just a scrap anyway, I have plenty of scraps of the stuff, so I grabbed another piece, cut it in half and tried again with different stitches and different tensions….

After spending 3 hours on June 12th testing different stitches from the Singer Fashion Mate on a scrap of the nightmare knit I decided none of the stitches they suggest to use on the dress look nice on that fabric. The most successful stitch I found (so far) is the strait stretch stitch. The one that looks like this ||| on the selection panel. On my machine it’s number 01. It’s an amazing stitch! I yanked the fabric to it’s full stretch capacity in all directions and it left a nice clean seam on the right side, no popped stitches, and no gaps in the seam.

I re-adjusted the tension lower and got the top of the stitch looking pretty nice, the bottom of that stitch looks like a hot mess. I don’t know what it’s really supposed to look like on the bottom but nothing else I’ve tried so far has been successful. If I try to finish the seams with a zig-zag, or any of the fancy one step seams the fabric gets too bulky.

I’ve looked at a lot of tips and tricks websites and blogs for sewing with knits. Stabilizing the knit would stop it from getting sucked in the feed dogs. I don’t have enough tissue paper to sew the entire dress with. I don’t want to waste all my parchment paper either, it’s expensive. Someone said toilet paper may work but that seems unlikely since we get the fuzzy Northern TP, and not the tissue paper-like TP. If I can get to Joann Fabrics I’m sure the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy product that was recommended to me for the embroidery would probably work, but I’d have to use a LOT of it, and it’s pretty expensive. Bah.

I’m not giving up though. I’ll post more pictures and update my progress tonight or tomorrow morning. Must keep telling myself it’s this particular fabric… Sewing most knits can’t be this horrible or no one would be sewing with them…


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