Full Moon Pictures

So everyone was taking pictures of the full moon last night here, since it was a full moon on Friday the 13th, and the next one won’t happen again for some time. My camera says it’s the 12th today, my computer says it’s the 14th… Anyway I popped the camera on a borrowed tripod and played with the night mode.

Through the trees in the front of the house. The moon was low in the sky at this point.


I found if I focused on the trees the camera seemed to get the moon better. I’m not sure why I got the orange moon glare in the shots. The camera seems to take nice shots of clouds at night.


I didn’t edit these in any way, I just pulled them off the camera. I checked my settings for the date and time. The camera lost 27 hours since I first charged it and I’m not sure why. That’s effectively the first problem with it that I’ve noticed, which isn’t a huge deal, but it’s annoying. I would like to see how well some nighttime clouds come out when I am not trying to photograph a sun-bright moon lol. Photography


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