New Sewing Table And 201-2 Has Safely Arrived At The House pt.1

We met the nice lady whom was selling the sewing table and some of her family. The Sewing machine is a Singer 201-2 which belonged to her aunt. She was nice enough to provide me with her aunts name because I wanted to keep her name with the sewing machine to preserve it’s history. (I’m kind of a softie like that.) She said her aunt was the type of person who could take one look at you, grab some newspapers and create a pattern for a beautiful housecoat dress she said was so nice and beautiful to wear. The way she described her aunt she sounds like whe was so loved and such a wonderful lady before she passed.

They had the sewing table in the garage when we pulled up. Thank goodness! I was so not wanting to go inside her house. As nice as she sounded on the phone I didn’t feel comfortable possibly having to enter a persons house I didn’t know. People have been killed like that, both the buyer and sellers in situations I’ve seen on news clips. -Scary- This situation was awesome though, done outside.  :)

She also said she would refund the money if we only chose to keep the cabinet, or the sewing machine, or decided we didn’t want either one. That’s soooo nice, and above and beyond nice. I just wanted to hug her. If we weren’t in a huge hurry today to get back because of a few appointments I would have loved to stay and talk with her a while longer.

The 201-2 came with the book, box of attachments, a darner kit with instructions, a little cute copper oil can, and maybe something else. I’ll take pictures when it’s set up. Basically from looking in the book everything that came with the machine was still with it in great shape!

As of yet I don’t have the table in it’s final place, so no pictures yet. It’s covered in blankets until I get some help moving another piece of furniture. The people able to help me can’t today, one is in a ton of pain, the other is out. :(

Her aunt reupholstered the bench seat. It actually matches a cabinet that I have, but it’s not going in that room sadly lol. The top opens up for storage on the bench too. It looks like a great place to keep some notions, or possibly my sewing books or my patterns.

The 201-2 itself works- sort of. The motor works. The light doesn’t appear to work, but it’s hooked to an after market white box that works the light off a switch on the cabinet, and it appears that the wiring is exposed down there. The needle that’s in it is old and kind of rusty and is a bit bent. (not lined up with the hole in the body correctly) The motor also isn’t working the front end of the machine for some reason right now. I need to find a sewing machine repairman somewhere close to here.  :( The shops all closed in my city…

I’m super happy, and really excited about the table and machine though! From what I’ve read the 201-2 is a wonderful machine to sew with.



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