Some Slightly Pensive Thoughts Working off the Turkey Hangover

First, to sum up how I feel when shopping in a thrift store: A video from Brian Sews! I happened on his blog, and this video last night… He has a good blog if you like sewing, go check it out. He has a link to it on his video below!

I love how he made this like the abused animal commercials with the “pull at your heartstrings” music. When I see a sewing machine in a thrift store I can’t help but think of all the things someone made on the machine.  If it shows heavy wear in the normal places a machine would get wear from sewing it makes me imagine how loved and treasured it must have been. Then it DOES make me sad that it eventually became, like he said, unloved and unwanted. My 327k was like these machines. Covered in tape and marker to hold the pedal and any other attachments to it as it sits in the store waiting for someone to save it from a dumpster and eventually a landfill where it will never be seen again… The memories of it, and what it made, gone to everyone but perhaps the past owners loved ones who recall it every so often in passing when they remember “so and so’s old sewing machine” and how much they loved it.

I can only keep telling myself the people who got rid of these machines put it in a thrift store to pass it to someone who hopefully will love it as much as the original owner did.

I agree with Brian 100% that you just can’t take them all home.

It’s not easy for me to leave them behind either.




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