Colorful Crochet Baby Blanket

So. My niece is having a baby shower and I wanted to make her a baby blanket for her baby boy. I didn’t want to go with the usual “baby” colors either. I found out this makes yarn selection difficult! The softest yarns marketed for babies are all in pastel shades, at least the yarn for sale at local craft stores around me.

Knowing that I would NEVER get a knitted baby blanket done in the time I had, I chose to crochet one. Thinking back when I was growing up I used to lay under a crochet afghan. It was like the afghan on the TV show Rosanne that they had on their couch…. Anyway, I remember snuggling up under it and watching TV, and because it was crocheted using the granny square double crochet clusters there were holes in it that I would stick my fingers and toes through.

A while back I had picked up one skein of Red Heart Super Saver Mexicana. When I had picked it up in the store, the blue and purple on it looked black, and I didn’t really examine it. When I got it home I was a little shocked to find out it was a Crayola rainbow. I had tried to knit it into a few different projects and the color changes were too short. I had tried to crochet it into some lacey hearts I was making at the time too but I had the same problem with the color changes. Back in the stash it went to sit until I decided on this granny square blanket. My original thoughts to make the blanket were to go with Purple Green and Gold. Mardi Gras colors. Purple for Justice, Green for Faith, and Gold for Power. I hadn’t actually made a granny square before and grabbed the Mexicana since it had those three colors in it. This yarn seems to have been made to make granny squares. As I got a few rows on the square the colors started pooling in stripes. I showed it to a few family members and they all said they liked it so I picked up a couple more skeins of it and kept going.

Finished blanket

Finished blanket. It took three skeins of Mexicana and a small amount of black for the border.

I think it might be the blue, but I think of the cookie monster when I look at that blanket.

I had seen a project using that yarn with grannies sewn together and wasn’t really impressed with how the colors looked when they were sewn, so I just kept going around in a giant square. I chose to crab stitch the edge, since the other edges were kind of girly. I had never crab stitched before, and it shows! I ended up putting on that edge like my life depended on it and it kind of pulled the blanket out of shape… I tried to put that edge on 4 times and finally decided that’s how it’s going to be.

Crab stitch edge

Crab stitch edge

I hope he enjoys the texture of the blanket like I did on the afghan. Even though the crab stitch edge is REALLY tight, I think he might get a kick of how it feels. The colors should be interesting to look at too. One person said he saw a sun in the color pooling and the rays were coming out of it. Overall I’m happy with the project. It’s my first big crochet project, and the first blanket I ever made. Before this I just had made small quick things out of crochet!


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