The Elusive Dress Form, The Shop Company, And Me. part 1

I finally got the dress form ordered from The Shop Company again. I purchased it earlier this evening and left them a few questions in their contact drop-down. I requested they contact me back this weekend or Monday.

Back in May 2014 I tried to order a dress form (Size 12) from The Shop Company. I actually completed a purchase with them through Sears for the exact form I needed but sadly my money was returned and the wait was on. I waited FOREVER checking their site daily for a few months to see if it ever came back in stock. I know, some of you probably had your math skills kick into high gear and may be thinking: May 2014 is hardly FOREVER… But it’s still a pretty darn long time to wait…. When all this was going on I had left a message with someone there and they said someone would call me as soon as the size 12’s came in.

I stopped checking eventually (until today…) and that call never did come. I’m not entirely sure when they got in their shipment but since it took an extremely long time for them to restock the 12’s in the Professional Female Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders. I suppose I can understand them loosing my information. I think I stopped checking 3 or 4 months after my money was returned. Each time I have corresponded with any of the employees or owners there, they so-far have been very nice. In their defense have even contacted me outside of their normal business hours at least twice on their own time, to answer a question, or to let me know what was going on with my order. That gives them big-time brownie points in my book. They do seem to care and try to help you so you can get everything as quickly as possible. When the old order went south they did try to suggest a different model that they did have in stock at the time, but it didn’t have the collapsible shoulders so I decided to wait.

I’ll keep this updated. Take care for now!


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