The Elusive Dress Form, The shop Company, And Me. Part 2

Well I sent in all my prior order information and was contacted back by email saying they would match the price of my previously completed (and refunded) order a few days ago without any problems. Whoever I corresponded with was very nice in their email. However the difference still hasn’t been refunded, but the dress form from The Shop Company arrived today!

A word of advise to people who order the Professional Dress Form With Collapsible Shoulders…. It comes in a giant box. I’m not sure why, but I was thinking it would arrive in a box the size of the adjustable ones you can buy at Joann Fabrics… It’s a body-sized box. Well it’s an adult body-sized box if you chopped their legs off and added a little bit of ease! The cast iron base is inside that giant box, packed in Styrofoam in its own smaller box.

If you want to move the box without someone else present I HIGHLY advise you to open and unpack the contents of the box wherever you find it after it’s been delivered. Mine was on the front porch. The base is what’s making that giant box hard to move. The dress form body and pole are pretty manageable. That base though is the heavy sucker that made moving it as-is impossible for me. The box was just about as tall as I am… (Which makes perfect sense since it’s a form close to my size! LOL! But like I said my mind was on those adjustable ones from Joann’s.)

It comes with an instruction sheet and I unpacked the base, installed the wheels, and placed the pedal into position. (All good so far!) The base includes two screws to “hold the pole tightly” The one above the pedal went in with a very minor scuffle. There was some black paint inside, but the screw went in without too much difficulty. The other screw installs to the right of the pedal. Mine went in only a few turns and then I had to start trying to screw it in like my life depended on it and it wouldn’t budge past a short distance inside… After a couple more tries, and seeing if the other screw would go in that side, someone came along and told me to stop. They grabbed a flashlight and pointed out that screw was never going to go into that hole. It turns out the threads were machined wrong….. Like they started to machine it then removed the thread making thingie, and jammed it back in to try to finish the job at a different angle or something. (Insert a big dose of disappointment here.)


This is the best picture I could get of the screw thread defect. I was holding my camera in one hand with a flashlight in the other, while balancing the stand against my leg. The screw to the left of the picture is the working bolt that sticks out above the pedal. The smashed looking part in the picture is actually raised at a slightly different angle then the good looking threads behind it. As it is now I can’t use it for the dress form, but If for some reason they don’t want it shipped back I may be able to use it for something. I’d hate to see it go to waste since it’s a big hunk of metal on wheels.

I didn’t think to take any pictures of any of the other things tonight, but I’ll snap a few when I get the form together. I sent emails of the base defect where I was instructed to send them, and now I have to wait to hear what to do next….

Take care for now!


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