Started Tracing The Pattern For The Walkaway Dress

Well It’s begun. I took out a rather large table and started tracing the 3 pattern pieces for the walkaway dress.

I re-measured myself and decided that an 18 was what my measurements were still pointing to, although the pieces are soooooo BIG. I held up the tissue to myself as well and I still fell into the 18 range from what I could tell. I just started on the skirt piece and every few minutes I keep wondering why on earth I’m tracing a circle skirt pattern piece that could probably be made with a pencil and a string… but I am. All I can say is it’s quite a bit of tracing cloth that’s being eaten by the skirt piece! The biggest bonus to it all is I can probably re-use the tracing cloth the skirt is traced on for a different pattern if I need to in the future.

After I finish tracing the skirt I’m going to cut 5 yards of my white muslin and toss it in the wash to preshrink. I have the bias tape and buttons now for my white muslin version. If it comes out looking nice enough I might just throw it in some fabric dye and color it. I might be able to throw in some pictures of the supplies I’m going to use later. I’m not sure if the buttons I picked will work or not. I’ve never had to choose buttons for a project! In my head I like the concept of what I picked…. The reality of using them may be completely different!

I’m pretty disappointed yet again with my sister and her family. Disappointed is a VERY VERY mild term for what I really feel, but I decided to be as positive as possible in this post. I’m the biggest dummy though. I was under the impression my helping her and her boyfriend was appreciated.

NOPE! But I can’t go on or else things will go downhill quicker then the Titanic…

Anyway, I can’t get use the dress form yet. I am still waiting for the 14th to roll around for The Shop Company to open back up from the Easter Holiday. It’s frustrating that they couldn’t take care of my order before they went on holiday. I really need that replacement base and the price discrepancy still needs to be taken care of..

That’s all for now, I’ll update later!

Take care!


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