Started Cutting the Muslin for the Walkaway Dress

The title pretty much says it all. Since the material I cut 5 yards of wasn’t 45″ wide, but 36″ I didn’t have enough to cut the circle skirt pattern piece. I do have the sheath dress piece cut, as well as the back bodice piece. Both parts ran off the fabric so I had to cut an additional piece for them and add the 5/8 seam allowances in. I plan on cutting and washing an additional piece of muslin to cut the skirt in the next three days. (I have some things going on that will prevent me from working on it.)

The manufacturer of the dress form got back to me and sent the replacement base out a couple days ago, so I’m excited to (hopefully!) get the dress form standing on its pole soon. Once it’s up and standing I will start trying to pad it out, although I may not have gotten the correct batting… I got a thinner cotton, which I THINK is used to go on either side of the white puffy batting in a quilt sandwich. I picked it up because it was on discontinued clearance from Jo-Ann’s and I thought it would stick and mold to itself better then the white spongy stuff…. I will have to see how it goes. In my head I thought it wouldn’t squish out of shape as easy, but I haven’t seen anyone using it in any of the tutorials or YouTube videos on padding… (sigh?)

For anyone still reading this, I just watched the first two episodes of Wolf-Hall online at PBS. Masterpiece made it and I have to admit I cried at one point during each episode lol. I highly recommend watching it. I wasn’t convinced I would like it but it drew me in… I guess there are only 6 episodes of it. Then PBS will take it down from online viewing, so if you want to see it, catch it before it’s gone. I won’t discus what parts made me cry, but I’m sure anyone who saw it could guess! ;)

Anyway, Be well, and I swear I will post pictures soon of how stuff is going.


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