Wolf Hall Inspiration

Wolf Hall = Really Good.

Only 2 more episodes to go before PBS takes it off the internet for online viewing if anyone missed an episode or would like to watch it!

Below a link to the PBS page you can find the episodes on:


The short movie about the costuming on the show made me curious about the clothing design of the period. It said clothes were pinned and tied together like a jigsaw puzzle. I wonder if I can use this jigsaw puzzle type construction to make a dress that wouldn’t look costume-y that I can wear. The ability to switch out design elements in a dress to make a “new” dress is really a good idea to be thrifty. I need to find more information on how they did this. I would personally NOT use pins to hold large parts of a item of clothing together however. That’s just asking to be jabbed with one if it opens up. I’d be open to other ways of connecting the clothing parts though.

I had a sketch of something with some removable parts a year or so ago I designed. (I use designed loosely since it just made it as far as a piece of paper!!!) I wonder if I still have it somewhere? Now that I have the dress form I may actually be able to put the idea to cloth and see if I can get the “jigsaw” parts to work. A wedding dress with a removable train inspired me then. Here I thought I was coming up with something new! HA!

I remember I was going to conceal the joins of the removable parts with a pleat? Placket? Flap of some sort….. I was thinking snaps at first, (long ago) and some way they would be concealed once the piece was removed… Hmmm….. If anyone knows of good sites showing the construction of period clothing or construction along the lines of what I’m thinking I’d love it if you could share them! What I’m thinking may not even be possible.

Below is a quick-read interview with Joanna Eatwell the costume designer from Wolf Hall I thought was worth sharing too:


I still haven’t gotten out the camera to take pictures but COME HELL OR HIGH WATER I will snap photos of the walkaway pieces and the dress form padding progress TOMORROW! (Holding myself to that promise!)

I pulled my nightmare knit dress out of the box I threw it in for the winter too. I may just iron it tonight (or not, I may just take a photo of it wrinkled from winter storage) and snap a picture of that too, to finally put that project to rest. I never did take pictures of the finished dress! It’s facings are not staying put now after repeated washing. I should have sewn them down, but I was so sick of fighting with that dress I didn’t want to do more work on it after that last seam was sewn!



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