Trying To Be Positive

I was about to (FINALLY!) start cutting the circle skirt pattern piece for the Walkaway Dress yesterday… I was carrying the fabric through the front hallway and when I was walking by the closet there was water pouring out from the top of the closet doors and a 3 foot pool of it on the floor…… A toilet above overflowed and caused a mass exodus of everything inside the closet and everything is all over three rooms right now. Luckily the sewing machines stored in the closet were in cases or  cardboard boxes so they weren’t damaged…. The clothing inside needs to be washed or dry cleaned depending, so that’s going to be expensive… My favorite leather jacket was a sopping drippy mess. (Yuck!) As the saying goes: “Shit happens.” (I know, I know, but it had to be said.)

My grandmother who was 100 years old this year also died the day after my last post. Near the end she was living in a lot of pain but is with her husband and her friends and family members now who passed away. For the past year she often said departed family members came and visited her. I realize it was probably dementia but who’s to say they really didn’t. She always had good visits with them. I miss her dearly but I have fond memories I can hold onto.

I also saw a lot of posts about Me-Made May (I have to be honest that name needs work…) I will participate by wearing the dress I made once a week this month. I can’t do an every day thing because as far as clothing goes I only made the one dress so far…. With luck I will finish the real version of the walkaway dress this month too and will wear it if I do. I’ll cut that muslin skirt as soon as more of the things get washed and put back into the closet.

I’ve been really inspired to sew more clothing by a PBS show called Fit 2 Stitch I caught one episode of. She has a few additional episodes for viewing on YouTube.

The old books here have also inspired me:

And as always the blogs I read and find always inspire me.



3 thoughts on “Trying To Be Positive

  1. Karen Lane says:

    Sorry to read of your loss. I can still remember how sad I felt when my Grandma passed away so my thoughts are with you.

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  2. Nessa says:

    I hope things will start looking up for you again soon. My week has not been very cheerful either, to say the least, but things are slowly improving. I hope the same will hold true for you. In the meanwhile, I will try to be as inspiring as I can on the blog. And I am much looking forward to seeing the finished dress. Thinking of you. :)

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  3. Gobetween says:

    Plumbing problems are always the worst and in this case caused so much work. I hope nothing was damaged beyond repair. My condolences for your loss.

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