Long Break In The Blog

Well, I know I haven’t posted in a while. Shortly after my grandmothers passing my desktop computer fizzled out. I haven’t been able to get it looked at yet, and don’t have a clue in the world when my finances will allow me to… On top of that other stressors and generally bad things have been going on. (I won’t go into details because I know no one wants to read a blog to be depressed!)

I was recently gifted an 8″ Winbook 802 tablet. I’m surprised how well it works. (For anyone wanting to learn more on them just go to the Microcenter website and type in Winbook. Mine is the 8″ one with 2 GB of ram…) It comes with a full size USB port but since my real camera starts charging automatically when it connects to a USB I don’t think I want to attempt to connect it to this tablet. My biggest beef with the tablet is how tiny things are on the desktop, and yes I did manage to screw it up by believing somehow I could do what no one else had been able to: That I could make things bigger then the default 125%. I found a setting that allows me to set the resolution to anything I wanted….. I picked 300% and somehow managed to apply the setting…..


To anyone out there who has, or buys one of these: DON’T DO THAT.


In fact don’t even entertain the THOUGHT! BAD THINGS HAPPEN! I couldn’t undo the change because the windows were cut off. Even in safe mode I was hosed.

I picked to keep my files and refresh Windows 8.1 and my ‘Search’ app is now unable to see things such as ‘control panel’, and ‘my computer’ which makes it a challenge to find out how to do something. Bugger. I’m going to bite the bullet and just reinstall everything from scratch by doing a clean install which will take me a few days. With a bit of luck, and some prayers though MAYBE I can get this thing back to factory settings. This time I won’t be delusional thinking I could change something computer experts couldn’t change.


3 thoughts on “Long Break In The Blog

  1. Gobetween says:

    Look for the windows key on your keyboard, bottom left hand side. Press windows key and the letter “e” and it will open windows explorer for your computer. You will see control panel also listed. Hope this helps.

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    • Thank you… You know, I’ve been using the “full” touch keyboard on this thing and never saw it had a windows key until I was going to reply I didn’t have a real keyboard attached. I still am going to reinstall everything but yes that helped me a lot thank you. I hope the windows 10 upgrade doesn’t hose me again when it rolls out! I will also keep telling myself, no matter what happens, “At least I don’t have a car sticking out of my roof” Like the family in Africa does that you found! ;) That’s one crazy situation!


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