Toboggan of Pain and a Loving Farewell to a Friend

A few weeks ago a package of ground beef was purchased at Sam’s Club. For people unfamiliar with what Sam’s Club is, it’s a big box warehouse store. The package weighed roughly 4 pounds. Well normally the package would be separated into 1 pound pieces, and frozen. This wasn’t the case this time. A few days after the whole package was put into the freezer I went looking for a piece of meat I had in there. I opened the freezer door and glanced at what was in front when suddenly the ground beef package was tobogganing down the frozen peas at my face! (If you want a visual of what kind of package I’m speaking about, just do an internet search in your favorite search engine for “Sam’s Club ground beef” and hit images…)


My instinct kicked in. I tried to catch it and protect my face. This didn’t go so well. The package of meat slammed into my ring finger and pinky of my left hand. The pain was incredible. (The package of frozen meat hit the floor anyway and suffered a dented corner and a few splits in the foam tray.)

I put a cold soda can on it immediately and there was never any swelling. I also took a popsicle stick and tape and splinted my left ring finger. I figured it was all a hospital would do.

Two weeks later I went to my doctor who made me get x-rays because I can’t move the end joint of my finger without extreme pain. She did try to give me a real splint but I declined it due to allergies to a material it’s made of. I go in in a few days for a follow up and a normal check up.

Lesson learned: Don’t be lazy and put off splitting up bulk foods for the freezer. They are quite seriously dangerous.

Also, my German Shepherd was put to sleep late September as well. I miss her but she couldn’t walk anymore without pain. More then half the time she couldn’t walk at all and had to drag her back end along. She was on a lot of pain medication and it wasn’t helping much most days.

I miss you Zoey

I'll miss you. I love you.

Rescued from a kill shelter when she was literally a skeleton, she spent 11 years with me. I wish she could have spent more. 

Everyone take care for now.


One thought on “Toboggan of Pain and a Loving Farewell to a Friend

  1. aww! :(
    i crochet a whole bunch the few months before xmas to see my family and my dog, it meant a lot to me. He’s pretty old too, and a few days before I got there, our other senior dog Gigi, who was two years older than my dog, passed away.
    aww this post hit home. i know it wasn’t easy to share. <3 much love


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