A Little Bit About Me And This Blog.

Twilight Storm Crafts –

If you arrived here expecting vampires or werewolves you will probably be disappointed! (Sorry!)

My name is Rebecca and this is a place I made to document and share my experiences as I delve into my creative side. I don’t feel I’m an expert in any craft I do, but I have fun and have found a lot of great information on the internet that may help someone else. I will try to link helpful websites, YouTube videos, and other blog pages that I think are helpful. If you stumble on my blog and want to link content from your blog that relates to the subject I’m writing about, Please, I welcome you to do so! I do check the spam bucket every so often just in case a legit comment was trashed by Akismet.

Crafts that I am currently doing/ learning that I will write about include: Machine Sewing, Hand Sewing, Embroidery, Tambour Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet, and Needle Felting. (I might toss in a recipe here and there that I love, or something completely unrelated to what the blog is “about.” I might also add a new craft to my list if one comes my way ;) I want to try a bunch of things!)

Note: Comments and constructive criticism are great, Additional information on any topic I’m writing about is also so helpful, not only to me, but to others who might stumble on a post!!! (Please don’t link to unsafe websites though! Thanks!) Personal pictures on the blog posted after May 29th 2014 are taken on an Olympus VR- 370.

I have been trying to take a little time every day to post, and work on this blog. This is all new to me and it will be interesting to see how the blog develops.

I hope my little cluttered workspace on the Internet helps someone.

Happy Crafting!!









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