I recently started to teach myself Embroidery. The Embroidery bug bit me when I stumbled on a tool called a Tambour Hook. I found it searching randomly through “all” products filter on Joann Fabrics. As soon as I saw the set I got excited even though I had no idea whatsoever how to use it or what exactly it did. I typed in Tambour Embroidery on Google and found a couple videos. (There aren’t that many available.) Mary Corbet of Mary Corbet’s Needle N’ Thread has some great information about just about all things embroidery and shares her own experience learning with the tambour needle Her website here: http://www.needlenthread.com/2013/11/tambour-embroidery-index.html

This is a helpful video made by Mary Corbet on how to use a Tambour hook.

A similar form of embroidery is called Zardozi. It was embroidery worked in gold and silver thread on the finest silks and textiles. Now it’s not pure gold and silver, but still beautiful. More information can be found here. (The linked site is a good springboard to search for more information and images.)

A famous fashion designer in India named Ritu Kumar is credited for resurrecting this dying art and subsequently modernized traditional Indian fashion.

I’ve been messing around with different needlework embroidery stitches that I’ve mainly been learning from Mary Corbet’s website and her videos. The free eBook from Project Gutenburg I mentioned in a post is a great source of information as well. Here.

I recently learned that cut work embroidery could be done on any sewing machine from straight-stitch-only treadle machines to the fancy state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines. I plan on getting the Singer 201-2 running to practice cut work.


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