Needle Felting

I was inspired by needle felted animals when I jumped into the craft. It’s something I found browsing the internet and fell head over heels in love with because such realistic things can be created from something as simple as a wad of hair.

There are a lot of “What is needle felting” websites and blogs out there, so right now I won’t bother making another one until I learn more and feel I have something to make a “what is” page worth reading.

In a nutshell you use special barbed needles and jam them repeatedly into wads of natural fibers (such as wool) to make basic shapes. You then put those basic shapes together and stab all of it into an amazingly lifelike animal. I find it relaxing and kind of meditative to do until you’re stab stab stabbing and you smash the needle through your project accidentally sending the needle into your finger. That never fails to make me swear a bit and it’s guaranteed to wake me up better than caffeine for a short time! ;)

Water, soap, and friction cause natural fibers to felt as well. This is called wet felting. I haven’t tried wet felting yet, but I want to eventually when I get a little better at building the body structures of the animals. It can be used to make a flat piece of fabric that can be cut and shaped. It can also be used to smooth down some of the fly-away fuzz on the sculptures.

Right now I’m having a hard time understanding how to stack basic shapes together to create what I want, but I found an amazing lady who sells needle felting kits supplies and actually takes the time to make some YouTube videos on needle felting. Her videos cover the basic skills, and more specifically how to successfully build a 3D sculpture using the materials in her kits. Plus she has a sidekick. How fun is that?!

Sara Renzulli, owner of Sarafina Fiber Art is this amazing lady with her sidekick Milo the dog puppet. I’m not sure what her friend’s name is who’s running the puppet, but kudos to you too. Her videos helped me make a bunny puff a few days before mother’s day 2014. To be honest, I did not have one of her kits. I made due with some roving I had and I managed to make the most realistic looking animal face yet with her help.

I did email her my thanks, but she never answered me back. She had been on vacation over mothers day and I’m sure she had much better things to do then answer a thank you email from a weird non-customer-at-the-time.

I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for this but this is the video that started it all over again for me

If you click on her name in YouTube you can get a link to her Etsy shop from her channel and browse the stuff she has for sale. BTW If anyone is wondering: No I’m not getting anything for saying any of this, she doesn’t know I  even exist. lol. I’m just thankful she opened the door to this craft again to me. No one else has step-by-step “how-to” videos for needle felting that I’ve found, and I am a visual learner.

(That’s all for now. This page is still under construction so the content may change in the future.)


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