I grew up in a household where my mother sewed. She didn’t sew us kids clothes though. My greatest memories were of her sewing for hours on dolls, doll clothes, and ducks made from antique quilts that were sold at local home decorating stores and at craft shows. I used to watch her when I was little and her creativity rubbed off in my love to create things.

I wasn’t allowed to touch her sewing machines, or her serger especially when I was little but I was excited about taking our schools home ec class in Jr. High. I loved that class, and we had a really great teacher. I can’t remember her name, but she taught me a lot and it’s funny, since I took up sewing finally now in life I still remember bits and pieces of what she taught. Thank you Mrs. teacher! One thing I cannot forget is that it was in my Jr. High Home Ec class that I was pulled out of to hear the news my grandfather on my moms side passed away. We were sewing at that time and the news really destroyed me. This caused me to really slack off in that class. I don’t really remember much else from the class past that point except the pants I made were pretty awful.

The sewing machine I’m using is a Singer 5500. Sams Club had them.

A company stock photo of the machine from Singers website.

I got a rolled hem foot and a walking foot for it already. I am disappointed in the quality of the new Singer machines vs. the old Singer machines, but it’s computerized, and pretty nice actually. It just sounds really cheap when it’s running. Whirring clunky plastic sounds rather then the nice humming metal motor sound the old machines make. I have to admit it’s my go-to machine when I need to do a quick repair on a piece of clothing because it has so many great stitches built into it. New Singers get a lot of people complaining about them because they just don’t make em like they used to. I can honestly say I still like the Singer 5500. The old machines just don’t have the ability to fake a surged edge, or sew on knits* with the ease of pushing a couple of buttons

I picked up a vintage Singer 327K on Memorial Day 2014 from Goodwill. The machine was manufactured in 1965, and is solid metal.

I also found out an old family friend Faith Van Zanten has patterns published. I remember going to her house when I was little and admiring her sewing. Best wishes Faith! It brought back so many memories, and was quite a happy shock when I saw her name printed on the pattern I recently bought.

My blog posts about sewing will mainly revolve around helpful sites I found, as well as my progress in re-learning sewing, and my attempts to create garments. is a site for knitting and crochet, but has a great group called sew obsessed. People there have been so helpful to me, and have gotten me off to a great start! Thank you to everyone there.

  • -Note: The thin knit nightmare material I made that wrap dress out of doesn’t count. That stuff was just awful material to sew with. The resulting dress is comfortable despite the hemmed edges that got sucked into and eaten by the 5500 every 30 seconds….

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