Another Project Update

Things keep happening causing me to be more and more disappointed with this project but I got most of the supplies I needed to finish up with it. I was soooooo hyped about the cobbled together idea and the finished one I made using the wrong  supplies. I DO know in the future I’m not going to post about something until I have, or almost have, something closer to a final draft or finished project that I can/am willing to photograph.

I’m finishing up and trying to beat back the waves of Murphy’s Law washing over me every time I touch a piece of this seemingly cursed project. So many things just aren’t working lol.

I was asked twice today why I’m still working on it by two different people. Both times I answered.

“Because I promised I’d post it in my blog.”

I’m sure no one really cares that much if I post or not but it’s going to get done. I’m not going to let it beat me down lol! Then I can focus on the other projects I need to finish up. I really do hope the pictures at least come out O.K……. Hopefully I’ll get some decent light in the next couple days. We had a mini blizzard today that should melt away in the next few days.


Small Update and Heads Up



In my last post I shared some information on Russian knitting. I wanted to point out it may be even more important than I touched on to research combination knitting  for anyone else out there wanting to knit Russian style.

I found a little pattern written for ‘normal’ knitting (English / Continental) and have been practicing with it because it has stitches I often used, as well as one stitch I’d never done before. Since you need to rethink what the designer is going for this turned out to be more frustrating than I expected! I consider myself an advanced beginner in “normal” knitting, I can’t say the little needle in the dial hits Advanced yet for me in Russian knitting, but I’m working on it.


To make a long story short I hollered for help and was answered by some nice combined knitters with a very helpful link I can share.

Above is one of them. A table from which is a handy sheet that is a super when you’re working on a pattern that assumes you are working stitches the way an English or Continental pattern is written. Take a peek, print it out, and praise her for taking the time to make the table! :)

Today I was messing around with the pattern and modified it just a little bit and just needed to let you all know to be a little patient for my next post. I promise… well I can’t PROMISE… individual tastes and all…. but be prepared for cuteness anyway. I can barely contain myself.

Hold onto your!


Keyboards? Phone cases? Tablet.. bodies?

I just can’t wait to share! I haven’t taken pictures of anything I’ve made in a long while!

Be well until next time! (soon!)